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I have a Fildo Premium account. The cost is $10 a month, yet it provides you some pretty nice features:

  • play any type of tune any time you want. Skip or duplicate songs as frequently as you such as.
  • no advertisements, no commercials, no disruptions. Just your songs up until you stop it.
  • simple song exploration as well as playlist creation. Fildo 2.1.1 APK Download Android App┬áDiscover a track, add it to a listing, after that pay attention. NO SYNCING!
  • kiss corporate radio, heavy turning, and limitless Las Vegas performance advertisements goodbye (!!!).


Those behave, yet the KILLER feature of Fildo’s Premium strategy is the Pay attention Offline feature. Streaming music can place a major dent in your phone information intend if you don’t have a limitless strategy. Here is just how you can appreciate Fildo music utilizing no data from your phone information plan:.

1. Attach your phone to a wifi link. You most likely have gain access to in your home, job, school, resorts, or hotspots.

2. Next off, disable Mobile accessibility to Fildo on your phone. On an apple iphone, go to your “Setups/ Cellular” page. Scroll to the Fildo app as well as disable the slider (set to white, not eco-friendly):.

3. Now when you begin the Fildo app on your phone, Fildo will certainly prod you with this pop up caution:.

That readies. That message allows you know that you are only using wifi data with your Fildo app. Say goodbye to information plan use!


4. Currently, when you have a wifi link, you could use Fildo as usual as well as stream whatever songs you desire. That’s fantastic, yet what if a wifi connection isn’t available (like at my health club)? That’s where Fildo’s Listen Offline feature is available in. On your phone in your Fildo app, go to the top of a playlist and flip the “Offered Offline” switch to eco-friendly, such as this:.

The Fildo app will certainly after that download every one of the tunes in that playlist to your phone. Those tracks and also the playlist will be available for you to hear whenever you desire even when you do not have a wifi or mobile connection. You can do this for any one of your playlists. This is very convenient if you wish to have lots of playlists for different celebrations (e.g. running, working out, driving, unwinding, and so on).

Ex:- my son has an old apple iphone 3 with no sim card in it. He uses the Fildo app on his phone through wifi and downloads all his favored songs as well as playlists to it. He is set with music for hrs when we go on trips. When we reach the hotel, he connects back up to wifi, finds extra tracks, produces much more playlists, and does it all once again.

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